AI Is Rewiring How We Write 

Is AI disrupting the writing industry? Or just opening a new chapter in the world of creation? We asked 304 writers from 53 countries how they feel. We found that most believe AI is smart enough to replace humans—or will be in the very near future. But overwhelmingly, writers believe that it enhances their creativity and improves their work. In fact, almost all writers polled believe AI will brighten the future of writing. Let’s explore everything they had to say.

Question 1

Will AI replace us? 

  • At an overall level, 64.47% of writers polled believe AI will replace human writing.
  • The number was higher for few geographies such as Asia and South America, where 67% respondents agreeing AI will replace human.
  • However, it was lower in Oceania and North America, where only 35.53% respondents agreed.

Question 2

Is AI bad for writing? 

About 77% of writers polled felt that using AI significantly improved their work. This percentage was highest in Europe, North America, and South America, with over 80% feeling AI helped them.


Question 3

Is AI a threat to jobs?  

Writers’ opinions on AI and job loss were nuanced. While 46% answered that they did feel concerned over how AI would affect jobs, almost as many respondents (42%) answered that they were unsure. Only about 11% answered that they had no fears. It seems writers’ opinions in this area are still developing. 


Question 4

Does AI have the potential to revolutionize content creation?

Nearly 70% of those surveyed answered yes. But there was some variety between writers in different countries. Only about half of writers in Europe and Oceania felt AI had this potential. Meanwhile over 70% of writers in Africa and Asia agreed with the statement.


Question 5

Is AI-generated content mistaken for human-generated content?

Similar to their feelings about AI and job loss, writers’ feelings about AI’s ability to pass as human writing were mixed. While a large percentage—about 40%—had mistaken AI for human writing, slightly more writers (41%) weren’t sure. Only about 18% answered no. 


Question 6

How will AI impact the quality of writing in the future?

More writers felt AI positively impacted writing quality. Only 6% said it decreased quality, and about 56% felt it resulted in a significant increase. Another 32% felt that it had a slight positive impact. More writers in Europe (14%) believe AI has negative effects, while a higher percentage in Africa and North America (61-68%) felt it had significant positive affects. 


Question 7

Would writers do all their work with AI tools? 

Over 70% of writers polled would be willing to do all of their content creation with Al tools. The split among all users is as follows.


respondents say that they are not willing to exclusively use Al writing tools for all their content creation needs.


respondents say that they are not sure about this.


respondents say that they will use use Al writing tools for all their content creation needs.

Question 8

Does AI enhance creativity? 

Writers polled also felt that AI helped them be more creative. About 67% answered that AI enhanced their creativity. These feelings were strongest in Africa, North America, and South America, with over 74% of writers feeling AI enhanced their creativity. The numbers were lowest in Europe, with only 57% of writers feeling this way. 


Question 9

What fears do writers have about AI? 

Our poll found that a slight majority (54%) were primarily concerned about data privacy and security. However, a large percentage of writers (40%) were primarily concerned about accuracy and transparency regarding the use of AI and writing. Bias and fairness were of less concern, with only about 4% of respondents citing it as their primary issue. 


Note: This survey was conducted on SpinBot, an AI writing platform that offers paraphrasing, grammar checking, summarizing, and many more tools to users that help them write better.