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With the constantly shrinking attention span globally, retaining an audience or readers on a post, webpage, or piece of writing is becoming more and more difficult. To ease this difficulty, it is essential to prioritize optimal readability when writing.

Readability is a major factor in determining whether a reader will read or skip your text. It shows how easy and understandable your text is.

An automatic readability checker, as its name suggests, is simply an online tool designed to check the readability score of a text.

How SpinBot's AI Readability Checker works?

No message is passed when nobody understands what you’re saying. The need to make writing easy to read and understand is vital. This is why it is important to check the readability score using the best tool for the job: a state-of-the-art readability checker tool.

SpinBot’s reading level checker evaluates readability through multiple tests that gauge different aspects of the text. These tests employ different formulas and give reports as scores on reading ease or difficulty. Our scores are derived based on several criteria, including word count and sentence structure.

SpinBot’s readability score checker is quick, easy to use, and cost-free. Log on to check the reading level of a text and improve readability in simple steps!

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    Copy and paste your text into the reading level checker box and click the “Check Readability” button.

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    Get a detailed report on the checked text with the “Analyze Another Text” option. This helps you check another text quickly without having to refresh the page.

What are the various Readability scoring formulas in the content?

Readability scoring formulas are invaluable tools. They tell who can read what, from students to web visitors, customers, and professionals. These scoring formulas provide insight into the reading grade, age, and overall comprehension level required to understand a text.

Our readability score checker tool applies the following formulas to check text readability and give real-time reports:

  • Flesch Reading EaseScore

    • This formula rates text by analyzing the average sentence length and syllables per word, assigning a score between 0 and 100. A higher score signifies easier readability.
  • Flesch Kincaid Grade Score

    • Shows the level of education a reader must have to understand a text.
  • Coleman Liau Index Score

    • considers characters rather than syllables per word and sentence length.
  • Automated Readability Index Score

    • Outputs a number approximating the grade level needed to understand a text.
  • Dale Chall Readability Score

    • This formula incorporates sentence length and the percentage of unfamiliar words not found in a set list of more than 3,000 commonly used words.
  • Linsear Write Formula

    • Specifically designed to calculate the grade level of a text sample based on sentence length and the number of words with three or more syllables in the text.
  • Gunning Fog

    • This evaluates syllable count and sentence length to determine a grade level, usually ranging from 0 to 20.

Who are the Users of SpinBot's
AI Readability Checker ?

Whether you are a writer, a student, or a business owner, our effective reading level checker is a must-have item in your writing toolbox! Here are the ways different users can use it:


Academic Writers

Instantly assess writing to ensure it matches the reading level of your students and optimize text for a higher readability score with SpinBot’s free readability checker.


ESL Learners

Check the readability score of a passage in English and improve the text for easy understanding.



Increase engagement, grow your audience, and boost conversion with readable, easy-to-understand content using our free readability checker online.


News Editors

Ensure easy reading and understanding for a wide range of readers globally with an advanced readability score checker.



Create stories that are understandable and engaging for different levels of readers, from pre-readers to expert readers.

Features of the Spinbot
AI Readability Checker tool

From giving real-time reports to determining reading level for content, below are some of the readability score checker features that make it stand out among others!

Suggests Readability Score

SpinBot’s readability score checker provides you with the most accurate readability ratings using different formulas.

Highlights Keywords

Our free readability checker highlights significant words in a given text.

Count Words & Sentences

SpinBot’s online readability checker gives a precise word count per sentence and the number of sentences in a text.

Text and Content Stats

Generates a real-time readability and content score based on text, word, and sentence frequency.

Determine Grade Levels

Our readability score checker gives detailed readability scores to help determine the grade level that can comprehend a certain text.

Identify Readability Index

SpinBot readability checker provides an analysis of how difficult a text is using its measurable attributes, such as sentence and word length.


No payment is required to get started on the SpinBot’s readability checker. Free for both personal and commercial use.

Benefits of using SpinBot AI Readability Checker

Refining content without knowing what to adjust can be overwhelming. This is why it is essential to check the reading level of a text. Here are some benefits of SpinBot’s reading level checker:


Increases Productivity

SpinBot’s readability checker is quick and easy to use, saving you time to focus on other important tasks.

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Improves Communication

Readable content is easy to understand and retain. Our online reading level checker helps to improve readability.

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Targets Wider Audience

SpinBot’s free readability checker helps increase effective communication with audiences of different levels of understanding.

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Improves Writing Skills

Using the online reading level checker is a good way to critique and improve your writing skills.

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Boost Conversions

A reading level checker helps to ensure clear and concise content that turns prospects into regular visitors and loyal customers.

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How to improve the readability score of content?

You are trying to get people’s attention, so it is important that you raise your content’s readability score. To achieve this, you need to understand your readers and their level of understanding. We have put together some of the most effective ways to increase your readability score, with no hassle.

  • Avoid long and difficult words and lengthy sentences. Focus on shorter sentences, use simple vocabulary (familiar words), and write in an active voice.

  • Break it up: Use bullets, headings, and graphics to improve clarity and make the content more engaging.

  • Remember to keep your paragraphs short; 3 to 5 sentences per paragraph makes reading and assimilating your content easier.

  • Check the readability score after every adjustment to ensure your content is perfect.

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