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Have you ever wondered what a text editor is? Well, you might think of the typical definition of a computer program where you can write and put words together, but it is much more than that.

A text editor is a crucial resource for writers, designers, and developers, streamlining their work and boosting productivity. Think of WordPad on the Windows operating system; a text editor is more like a Wordpad online.

It is simply an online word-processing program used for writing and modifying digital files containing plain text.

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How SpinBot's AI Text Editor Works?

When choosing the best online text editor to edit a text, it is important to settle for a more advanced AI text editor. Valuable editors like the SpinBot’s free text editor support greater readability and functionality during operation.

With many functions on the editor’s toolbar, SpinBot’s online text editor allows users to perform certain text edits, including numbering, text formatting, link or image insertion, and many more.

It is incredibly handy, especially in writing, task tracking, and systems programming. It is completely free and easy to use, directly on a web browser with no sign-up needed.

generate font

To edit a text, simply type or paste your text in the plain text editor box and start editing immediately.

browse font

After editing, copy and paste the text wherever you want. You can also use SpinBot’s Font Generator to change your text’s regular fonts into fancy fonts.

Which are the various functions in our SpinBot’s AI Text Editor?

Add SpinBot’s online AI text editor to your writing toolbox for more efficiency and productivity wherever you work. Alongside the user-friendly interface, the SpinBot editor’s menu contains functions that allow you to edit a text document easily.


Applies a bold style to text for emphasis.


Slants text to appear unique, typically for contrast or emphasis.


Draws a line under a text for emphasis.


Marks text for deletion with a line through it.


Indicates quotations and formats text as a quote.


Used in coding and programming to edit a text.

Insert link

Allow users to reference a word, phrase, or text with a link.

Insert image

Allows placement of images in a document.


Organizes content into sections and subsections.


Positions texts or numbers below the normal text line, for example in formulas.


Positions texts or numbers above the normal text line, for example in equations and trademark symbols.

Tab Mode

Indents and aligns text in different sections.

Paragraph tool

Allows users to automatically add paragraphs without having to change margin settings.

Font Sizer dropdown

Displays a list of text font sizes available for users to choose from.

Headings dropdown

Opens a selection of different heading sizes to edit a text document with a click.

Font colors

Offers a range of font colors for users to choose from.

Text highlight color

Allows users to highlight text in colors for emphasis.

Font list

This shows the list of fonts available in the AI text editor.


Provides users with the four alignment options; left, right, center, and justify.

Clear formatting

Allows users to return texts to their default format.

Using SpinBot’s AI Text Editor Different Users, Same Quality

Our free AI text editor can be tagged as a WordPad online. Whether it’s for casual or professional use, here are some ways different users can utilize our online text editor.


Legal Professionals

Easily format and keep track of legal documents, publications, and other vital files with the accessible functions in the AI text editor.


Web Developers

Write and customize code scripts quickly and efficiently with our plain text editor to meet tight deadlines and complete projects on time.


Resume Writers

Create clear, well-organized layouts and add images for professional-looking resumes with little effort.


News Writers and Editors

Elevate writing and format texts with quotes and lists for professional, error-free news content.



Edit a text, review poems, and incorporate line breaks to give more power to every piece.


Secretaries/Administrative Assistants

Save time while optimizing text for clarity to improve workflow and avoid errors.

What are the features of SpinBot’s
AI Text Editor Tool

Easy Copy & Paste

Allows users to easily highlight, copy, and paste text as desired with the Ctrl +C and +V keyboard shortcuts.

Plain Text Writing

Supports plain text like HTML, XML, TeX, and other programming texts and offers compatible editing functions. This enables programmers to easily read and write codes.

Multiple Formatting Functions

Gives different formatting options for different types of writing, from casual to more professional styles.

Transform to Rich Text

The ability to change plain text to rich text. Edit a text file by changing font style and color, highlighting, and adding paragraphs.

Completely Free

This Wordpad online tool is free for all users for both personal and commercial use.

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