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Customize Your Paraphrased Text to be either Longer or Shorter

Paraphrasing mode allows you to set a preferred length for your newly paraphrased text - shorter, longer or random (default). Sometimes a few more characters is all you need!

What is Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is the process of putting text into your own words, oftentimes with the goal of summarizing or making the text in question shorter. On the other hand, if putting something into your own words means adding some additional explanation, the end result might end up being longer. It really depends on your goals as a writer.

Why Use Spinbot’s Paraphrasing Tool?

In light of the above definition of “Paraphrasing,” this free, paraphrasing tool offers the option to either randomize the length of your rephrased text, make it shorter, or make it longer. Using the interactive sliding bar above the input text box, you can adjust the resultant text to be as close as possible to the length you desire. Your project may require a bit more length to meet certain requirements or, in many other cases, less can be more.

Why This Tool is So Awesome

Spinbot’s paraphrasing logic makes millions of decisions in the background, including checking the context of your words, to make sure that the resultant rephrased text sounds as intelligent as possible. You aren’t writing for robots - you are writing for people. If people don’t enjoy reading your written work, then there is really no point in putting it out there.

Things to Keep in Mind as a Writer

Writing is a process. This free tool will help you along significantly in the goal of paraphrasing text in an intelligent way. But, you have to make sure that the end product is everything you want it to be. Are the word choices best for you? Should a paragraph be re-worked or moved to another location in your essay? Are your ideas presented in logical order, one after the other? Think carefully, inside and out, backwards and forwards, before you put your work out there for the world to see!

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