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About Spinbot.

Here Are Three Ways You Can Use Spinbot:

  1. Create Tons of Valuable Web Content through the website as a FREE Article Spinning / Paraphrasing Service
    If you just want to give Spinbot a try, or if you only need to rewrite a few articles, then this may be the option for you. If you just want to paraphrase a simple sentence or phrase, this option would make sense as well. Sometimes, you just need to find out quickly what something means in the surrounding context. This is where Spinbot really shines.
  2. Use Spinbot as a PAID Article Spinning / Paraphrasing Service
    Remove the ads and the Captcha to enable quicker article spinning / content creation. Enter your text, click the button, and you're done. Click here for pricing details.
  3. Create Your Own Website or App and then Utilize the Spinbot API
    You can use the Spinbot API through your own program, plug-in or website. The possibilities are endless -- it all just depends on what application or web-based tool you want to create. Click here for pricing details. Be sure to look for pricing options related to the API specifically.
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