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    The top three performers for each category (TikTok or YouTube) will win $250, $100 or $50 (payout options are limited to Venmo or Paypal).


How the Video Contest Works

The top three performers for each category (for both YouTube and TikTok) will win $250, $100 or $50, payable PayPal or Venmo.

Submit as many videos as you like per month.

Winners will be announced mid-way through the following month.

Videos are ranked by a combination of views and likes. Likes are given more weight, but both are important!

The challenge here is to show off your Spinbot skills in the most engaging, most interesting way you can imagine. Focus on making videos that people enjoy watching, then views and likes will take care of themselves.


Every video submission must include the hashtag #spinbot in the title.

Every video must somehow demonstrate that Spinbot was used to rewrite or paraphrase a piece of text, phrase, etc.

Videos with vulgar, offensive or hateful content will not be accepted. If you're video is rejected because of content, we will let you know why.

That's it in a nutshell. For more a more detailed breakdown, Click here.

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